At Master Key IP, we are committed to helping you identify, protect and monetize your valuable intellectual property by providing the quality representation you would find at a large firm with the personal attention you would find at a small firm - all at reasonable "small firm" prices that are tailored to startup budgets.

While many firms might make that same claim, we actually follow through with that philosophy, starting with the fact that no attorney at Master Key IP has less than 15 years of experience handling intellectual property-related matters. Furthermore, we don't use paralegals, nor do we have any "junior" associates - so you can rest easy knowing that an experienced attorney will be handling every aspect of your matter from start to finish, without exception. This includes having direct access to your attorney whenever a question or need arises.

In that regard, we encourage our clients to contact us whenever they feel they might need us, which is why we typically don't bill for phone calls or emails. And we actually return those calls and emails promptly (usually within one business day, if not the same day) because we appreciate that if something is important enough for a client to contact us about, it needs to be treated with that same level of importance on our end - again, without exception.

As for pricing, nearly every service we provide is based on a flat fee that is quoted before the associated task is handled. That way, our clients are able to approve the reasonableness of a given flat fee before authorizing the associated work, and they are never hit with a "surprise" invoice.

Thus, in addition to providing quality work product and results, we strive to be accessible and transparent in everything we do, as we enjoy building long-lasting relationships with our clients, along with the new clients that our existing clients to continue to refer to us. We might be "transactional" attorneys, but we never view or treat our clients as mere transactions.

We welcome the opportunity for you to become one of our clients, and we invite you to contact us today to schedule your FREE initial consultation - which may be conducted in person, via video conference, or over the phone - so that we may help you first identify what intellectual property assets you might have, and then protect those assets through the most cost-effective means possible.

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