Justin Sanders

Provided by Kirsten A.

Working with Justin was wonderful, if you are looking for someone to help you with trademarking that is responsive, kind, and informative you have found the place. I always received prompt responses in great detail which really helped me when I was not knowledgeable in the field and was seeking advice as well with my startup.

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Above and Beyond

Provided by Cherie W.

I have worked with several IP attorneys over the past several years and Justin is truly a standout. He has a gift of explaining complex information clearly and concisely which is much appreciated. His sound technical and scientific knowledge has been instrumental to our success and I cannot express how grateful we are for his punctual communication of any and all office action items. I highly recommend Justin Sanders.

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Great patent attorney

Provided by Gary W.

Jeromye is one of the most thorough and diligent individuals I have ever met, I have hired him several times. He treated my most recent case as if it were his own and was able to form claims that I had not even thought of. I have referred Jeromye to several leaders in other industries for their patent needs and they all thanked me for doing so.

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My Favorite Attorney

Provided by Petra W.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Justin Sanders for more than 5 years on several of our patents. Justin is a highly effective IP attorney, whose expertise, experience, and strategic skills have contributed greatly to the success of our submissions. Justin is always available to answer our questions or map out strategic next steps, and his candor and willingness to spend time explaining matters or strategizing regarding next steps have made him an essential and trusted partner for us as we move forward with our IP and business plans. Justin is a great communicator, and a pleasure to deal with. I recommend him to you fully and enthusiastically.

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Jeromye Sartain

Provided by Chris B.

I have worked with Jeromye for several years. He has gained my full trust and respect as well as everyone I have referred to him. As an inventor, he has successfully assisted me on several trademarks, patents, non-disclosure and license agreements. I always recommend him to friends or anyone who asks me for help filing a trademark or patent. He is professional but takes the time to be personal and explain all the details in an understandable way.

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An Exceptional Attorney

Provided by Dan M.

As the title suggests, Justin is an exceptional IP attorney. I originally hired one of the top US IP corporations to take care of our company patents but it turns out they they were only interested in collecting fees and not getting the job done. I went with Justin after a referral and he had to rewrite the entire provisional patent to make it viable. He even came to see the product in person to understand it better. He is thorough, patient and meticulous and guides you through each step of the complex patent process making many excellent strategic suggestions and sends reminders as due dates arrive. And finally, you want an attorney that can get the patents done, he did that and more. When it seemed our patent may not be accepted, he got on the phone with the examiner to explain the differences, two weeks later we received our Notice of Allowance. I could not recommend a better IP attorney.

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A lawyer that can beat big law firms

Provided by Troy C.

I had about a dozen websites stealing my copyrighted product pictures from my website. These websites were my competitors and were profiting from my work. Jeromye won every case. He got the websites to remove my intellectual property and pay dearly for their infringements. Jeromye helped me gain favorable outcomes in all these cases even when the other side utilized a larger firm, more attorneys, and a battery of dirty tricks. He also helped me copyright my website and product pictures.

Do not hesitate to use Jeromye Sartain for any copyright issues you may have. He is knowledgeable and professional. He has a deep, confident understanding of the law, and never hesitated to educate me during the process.

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Super Responsive!

Provided by Greg R.

Justin has handled all our IP matters from the very beginning. From ideation to full build-out and launch. He not only believed in our concept early on, but he was also patient and counseled us along the way in terms of strategy, trademark positioning, and more. But his greatest attributes are his integrity and responsiveness.

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A great patent attorney!

Provided by John B.

I've been so pleased with my utilization of Mr. Sartain's services for over a year now in support of three patents I now have pending. In my case I've needed expertise in both U.S. and International patent law.

First, I've found interaction with Jeromye very effective as a catalyst for the thought required for robust patent composition and filing. I find our verbal interaction stimulating in how the ideas I have can be put to good use as the patent application is composed. He is a good listener. He is effective in assisting me in getting my ideas out into a usable form. I've found this most encouraging. I'm grateful for this interaction.

Secondly, robust intellectual property protection requires the development of a strategy to do so. Jeromye has been helpful here as well. Patents are but a component of an IP protection scheme. He has helped me think through the better options to pursue in my particular case.

Thirdly, as in other areas that require legal expertise, effective patent filing requires both exceptional knowledge of the legal landscape, but also the potential idiosyncrasies of the personalities behind it. People run and engage these law-based systems, and as a result effective interaction requires finesse in how the content of a patent filing, (for example) is composed. Jeromye has developed a strategy over the years to compose patents in such a way as to 1) minimize the chances a claims examiner will hang an application up unnecessarily 2) increase the possibility that a maximum number of substantial patent claims are accepted, and 3) maximize the probability that patent claims will be effectively defended in the future, if necessary.

Overall I'm thankful for the opportunity I've had to use Mr. Sartain's skills in engaging the IP protection process. I look forward to future interactions as I continue to develop both my ideas, and the mechanisms required to benefit from them.

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Trusted and very knowledgeable

Provided by Amanda D.

Justin has helped me with many projects and ideas, he's amazing! Not many people go out of their way for you or even care but Justin goes above and beyond EVERY time. He is very trustworthy and has incredible integrity! I wouldn't trust anyone else. I'm very happy and recommend him.

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Jeromye Sartain trademark attorney highly recommended

Provided by Brandon A.

Jeromye has been representing our company in all aspects of trademark applications and enforcement for 8 years. He is thorough and extremely timely on follow up. Additionally, his suggestions/recommendations have always been proven accurate.

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Most Honest Attorney I've met

Provided by Nathan B.

I called up Justin to receive trademark legal advice. I was looking to trademark my company and get protection on the name and have talked to several attorneys before I talked to Justin. Out of all the attorneys I talked to, Justin was the most honest. He told me that my name could be trademarked, however, it is so widely used that it has become a common term and cannot be protected by a trademark. He said that I could try and trademark it, but I likely wouldn't get it passed and my money is much better spent elsewhere. I thought I needed a trademark, but I guess my name is too widely used at this point. Even though he knew I was not a promising job, he took his time with me and if I need anything else I will make sure to go to Justin first. Thanks very much Justin you're awesome!

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Patent, copyright, trademark services

Provided by Brian P.

I have personally known Jeromye Sartain for at least 7 years; I have had the privilege as well as to blessed to have been referred to Jeromye Sartain.

I would consider him to be an expert in the field of patent, copyright, trademark law, as well as contracts and licensing agreements.

You will not find a more ethical hardworking man than Jeromye, his integrity is bar none, and he works very hard for his clients. He and his team will work very hard for you to insure you understand the process, and are aware as to any changes or updates, or other issue that may come up during the process of his services.

I myself have worked with Jeromye and he has helped me in so many ways, I will continue to work with Jeromye in the future. I wouldn't consider using anyone else to perform any of my legal matters regarding patents, copyrights, trademarks, contract and licensing agreements.

I would recommend any one in need of his services to please contact him. You won't regret making the call.

Thank you Jeromye for all your help!!

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Outstanding IP Attorney

Provided by Andrew D.

I needed to hire an IP attorney for a patent application on an electro-mechanical product and spent a considerable amount of time searching for the right candidate. Since I knew my firm would be needing a highly competent lawyer who we could trust and depend on to handle many IP-related issues for us as we grow our company, it was especially important for me to find the right lawyer. I had a good feeling about Justin starting from our first conversation. Now that Justin has helped us with several matters, I unequivocally, highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a top-notch attorney at a reasonable price. Having interviewed lawyers that had lower rates and higher rates, I generally felt that the attorneys with lower rates did not match Justin's level of knowledge, professionalism and communication skills and the higher priced attorneys usually didn't either, and they weren't nearly as accessible!

As a detail-oriented, analytical person, I am the kind of client who asks a lot of questions. I actually had one lawyer turn me down as a client because he said I would take up too much of his time and that if I wanted to hire him I would have to just trust that he knows what he's doing! Justin is the exact opposite. He always took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions and was never in a rush to end a call. He is highly organized, always got back to me promptly and the quality of his work is second to none. And he's also a super nice guy! I don't often write reviews, but Justin truly stands out from the crowd and has impressed me tremendously (not only in terms of his exceptional work, but in all aspects of how he conducts business), so I felt posting this review is the least I could do to show my appreciation and help other people who are having a hard time finding the right IP attorney.

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Genuine, authentic and intelligent

Provided by Matthew E.

I am new to intellectual property and was so thankful for Justin's help. He is deeply knowledgeable and I never felt like a burden or like I was bothering him. He didn't rush me but took the time to talk it through and come to the best possible conclusion. I went to a handful of IP guys before I found Justin (who actually got referred to me by a friend) and I am so glad I found him. He is definitely the most real lawyer I have ever spoke to. He seems trustworthy and genuine which are rare traits in general let alone in Law. Very happy to know Justin. I will definitely refer to him again in the future.

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Very responsive, accurate, and clear

Provided by Phil F.

I was very impressed with Justin. He talked like one that has been in his field for 30 years. He gave me a lot of confidence in his knowledge of any of the subjects at hand. The most impressive thing about him was how exhaustive he was in providing information about any given subject. He took all the time necessary to go the distance, and made the subject very clear in layman's terms. I expected him to be somewhat 'short' with me, as most in his legal profession seem to be, but he was just the opposite of that. He seemed to put his whole heart into his job and cared about me as person. I expect to do more business with him in the future.

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The best intellectual property attorney

Provided by Cynthia C.

Mr. Sanders is incredibly knowledgeable of and diligent in prosecution of intellectual property matters. He is very communicative and always responds to inquiries timely. My companies are very pleased that the dozens of patent and trademark matters for which was retained have ALL been granted, swiftly. (He associates with international firms to take care of our foreign intellectual property needs, seamlessly- all of which have also had successful results.) His advice on a patent infringement prosecution matter for one of my companies was invaluable for reaching successful settlement of our case without the need for trial.

The charges for Mr. Sander's services are extremely reasonable. He is one of the finest and rare examples of a personable attorney whose combined integrity and skillfulness make him a pleasure to deal with and we count him as a valuable asset to our businesses.

I highly recommend Mr. Sanders.

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Justin was the greatest guiding us through the complicated patent application process!

Provided by Paschal R.

Justin was the very best we could have hired to guide us through our first-time process of securing our US and European patents! He explained it all in "layman's terms" so that we knew exactly what needed to be done and what we were paying for. We are very pleased with his results and costs - and would certainly use him again. Would definitely recommend him!

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Small business owner, CEO

Provided by Dale J.

I have worked with Justin Sanders for 6 or 7 years and have found him to be fair, knowledgeable and professional. He has been extremely helpful and persistent in guiding me through what can be a difficult patent process at times. I have worked with many lawyers over the last 25 years and find working with Justin to be both rewarding and enjoyable.

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Patent application review

Provided by Andrew K.

Justin was incredibly easy to work with and knowledgeable about the process to submit my patent. He was open to answering all my questions and didn't make me feel unimportant. I appreciated the work he did in such a short notice. Because of his due diligence I was able to submit my patent on time. He answered my emails and calls very quickly and worked with me to submit the information he needed. His professionalism over the phone and through email put me at ease to know I could submit on time. He emailed with updates frequently and made sure I was up to speed on the best options.

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Very knowledgeable!!

Provided by Ericka G.

Justin was/is very professional and knowledgeable about his practice. Very patient and understanding and was willing to answer any questions you had about the process. Would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to protect themselves with a patent.

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I highly recommend Justin for your legal needs

Provided by Scott O.

I would, and do, recommend Justin to anyone needing or looking for advice related to patents, trademarks, copyrights.

I was doing my own patent and trademark work, and towards the end of a second patent project I was getting overwhelmed and needed to find an attorney to take this over for me. A friend highly recommended Justin to me, so I made a call to set up a meeting. I was wowed from just the initial phone call. He took the time to discuss my project and needs with me, and provided a lot of advice - and this was all before I set up the meeting. He is knowledgeable and energetic and enjoys sharing his knowledge. He has provided very sound advice and was open to discussing what made sense for me to do myself (since I'd already been doing some of this work).

The pricing model his firm uses is also a breath of fresh air - I know what it's going to cost me up front, as opposed to the usual pay-by-the-hour approach I expect from most attorneys.

I really can't recommend Justin and his services enough - very happy and will continue to work with him on my future projects.

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Intellectual property and copyright

Provided by Lisa B.

As a small start-up with limited intellectual property understanding, I found that the larger law firms were sending my questions to very young attorneys (presumably to save me money) with low understanding of the specific issues I was trying to resolve. When I first contacted Justin I was hesitant to try a new law firm, but my firms quickly faded as he succinctly answered the core questions I was having a difficult time understanding. I now send all my intellectual property and copyright work to Justin and give him my highest recommendation.

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Great service, very organized, knowledgeable and responsive

Provided by Sedat D.

It was great working with Justin. Prompt, knowledgeable and organized. We were able to follow through the process quickly and in an informed way. Helped us a lot making our decision and working with us to redirect our efforts.

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Registered trademark

Provided by Atilio M.

Justin was recommended by a friend who has opened multiple businesses and had used his services. The whole process was a breeze. I was answered every question, and I tend to obsess, but Justin gave me every assurance.

I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

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Great service

Provided by George P.

Justin has been a great lawyer on my behalf in getting my patent and helping me with my future customer. I highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.

Thanks Justin!

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A vulnerable client's perspective

Provided by Joe F.

Responsive, kind, and fair.....always! Perhaps you might be like I was; new to the patent and trademark world with very little knowledge. Justin was always so helpful never judging or taking advantage of me. He does what he says and says what he does. I am so grateful.

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Excellent patent attorney!

Provided by Asaf F.

Justin did an excellent job helping me receive my US Patent. He is very knowledgeable, reasonably priced and provides great assistance. I highly recommend him!

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Copyright law made easy

Provided by Sandy D.

Having no knowledge about copyright law when I started my business, I was hesitant about working with any lawyers. Justin was personable, extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy. My experiences have been easy, affordable and efficient. Justin has a knack for figuring out exactly what I needed to get done, explaining it to me so that I fully understood what needed to get done and then getting it done.

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Far Out Toys Inc. CEO

Provided by Keith M.

Having a great Attorney as a part of your team is critical to managing your business, particularly in an industry grounded in invention and technology. Justin Sanders has provided us with excellent legal advice and practical support at every stage of our development. Highly recommended.

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Assemblies of God Family Services Agency, Inc.

Provided by Jay M.

The delivered combination of service knowledge, professionalism, and speed from Justin for our agency's intellectual property needs was amazing.

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Quinn Medical, Inc.

Provided by Todd T.

Justin has been outstanding to work with. He is very comprehensive in his approach as well as being cost effective. We have recommended his services to other business associates through the years and will continue to do so. If you are in need of an intellectual property attorney, we would highly recommend Justin.

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Destined Enterprises, Inc.

Provided by Marco E.

Justin is great. He is very professional and efficient in all the services he offers. I recommend him to anyone looking for patent and trademark services. No need to go anywhere else.

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La Kremm Inc.

Provided by Christine J.

We are extremely pleased with the quality work of Justin and the professional and timely manner in which it is performed. We are repeat clients of Justin and count on his expertise for all our trademark needs.

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J.L. Childress Co., Inc.

Provided by Kate D.

As a small family business, we always seek consultants who are patient, straight-forward and willing to go above and beyond to help us achieve our goals and assist us in understanding business concepts that might be foreign to our teams. Justin has been a great partner in this regard, helping to map the landscape of patents and IP so that we can make decisions to move our business forward.

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Speedy and detail oriented

Provided by Anonymous

We are deeply grateful for Justin's services, ability to educate our team about copywriting, and help us to expedite the process of protecting our Intellectual Property. I highly recommend Justin Sanders.

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Justin Sanders

Provided by Anonymous

Justin was an amazing help to me as we worked together to trademark my business name. He was very understanding, always asking more questions and his goal to satisfy his customers.

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Great Experience

Provided by Anonymous

Justin did a great job reviewing a licensing agreement for us. He had our best interests in mind and he gave us great advice. We would definitely hire him again.

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